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26 October 2008 @ 02:30 pm

Title: Untitled As Of Now
Pairings: Alice/Robin, more to come later
Rating: R for this part. Some pretty graphic smut's goin' on in the part.
Note: This is part one of a ten part story. And it's actually finished, so it WILL be posted. If you wanna count my friends reading this part for the sex as beta-ing, go ahead.

I've never posted smut before. Huzzah!


Alice lay in his hammock, staring up at the stars. He had a serene smile upon his face...his eyes fluttered shut as sleep captured him...


THUD. Alice awoke with a start, looking around for the source of the sound. By the dying embers of the fire, he saw three full hammocks and one empty one. At the ground by the empty hammock sat Sir Robin. His eyes were wide and he looked frazzled. Alice carefully sat up. "Sir Robin?"

The knight looked up at his minstrel and whimpered a bit. Alice stifled a smile. "Bad dreams. sire?"

Sir Robin nodded. Alice reached an arm towards his master and said "Would you like to come lay with me?"

The question just sort of popped out; Alice hadn't meant to ask it. But Sir Robin stood and climbed into the hammock. He seemed truly shaken up. Alice lay down and put his arms gently around Sir Robin.


"Yes, sire?"

"The others cannot find out about this."

"I know, Sir Robin."

Sir Robin scootched down and rested his head on Alice's chest. The minstrel brought up a hand to smooth Sir Robin's hair.

It made Alice feel selfish, but he secretly liked the nights when Sir Robin woke from bad dreams. Those nights, Alice got to comfort the knight. Never like this, though. Always a soft touch on the shoulder or a soothing tune to calm his nerves. Of course, Sir Robin had never fallen from his hammock before. He seemed truly scared this time.

Alice carefully moved the knight's head from it's resting place and scooted down so they were face to face and and that Sir Robin could use Alice's arm as a pillow. "Sir Robin, may I ask what you dreamt of?"




'Their eyes connected. Sir Robin swallowed before speaking. "You and I were traveling in some cavern of sorts. There was a loud rumbling and some of those rocks that hang from the ceiling fell. One was right above me, but you pushed me out of the way." Sir Robin put his hand up to the side of Alice's face.

"The rock hit your head in the head and you...died. It was such a dreadfuly lonely feeling"

Alice pressed a kiss to Sir Robin's cheek. The knight gasped, but Alice kept going, trailing kisses past the knight's ear and to his neck. Alice unbottoned the high-necked tunic Sir Robin wore as a night dress and nibbled the soft skin there, sucking gently. He got the reaction he wanted. Sir Robin's breath hitched and his arms clamped around Alice. The minstrels opened his master's tunic more, exposing his chest. His kisses left a burning path. Alice reached a nipple and ran his tongue over it before biting it gently. Sir Robin drove his pelvis forward, his hardening privates pushing against Alice's stomach. His pants became became more frantic. Alice opened the tunic completely. Sir Robin was large and that aroused Alice even more. He kissed his way down Sir Robin's length then licked around the knights head. His hands wrapped around the base, but he just kept teasing the head.

"Dear God, Alice!" Sir Robin quietly moaned. Alice took what he could of sir Robin in his mouth, taking care of the rest with his had. He gave it his all, excited by Sir Robins fast breaths and the way Sir Robin's fingers twisted themselves in Alice's hair. When the knight came, Alice lapped up every drop.

He looked up into Sir Robin's eyes. The sandy-haired man smiled at him. Alice moved so they were face to face again. Sir Robin held Alice close to him. Alice felt his own hardness press against Sir Robin's leg. Sir Robin did, too, for he kissed Alice's temple and said "Are you ready?"

Sir Robin opened Alice's gown and moved downwards. Alice was dropped into a world of ecstasy. Everything Sir Robin did was perfect, and when Alice came, it was with great power. Sir Robin swallowed, but with a little difficulty. As he came back up, the hammock tipped and dumped the two on the ground. They sat dead still for a moment, but none of the other minstrels stirred. Sir Robin reached forward and tugged Alice's gown closed. Alice wrapped his arms around Sir Robin's neck and kissed him. It was warm and passionate. Sir Robin fell backwards and Alice straddled him. The kiss deepened as their bodies entertwined. Sir Robin pushed Alice off of him and onto his back. The knight took the dominant position, laying on top of his minstrel. But Alice repeated the motion, rolling over Sir Robin.

The battle for dominance only continued for one more turn, until they hit one of the trees supporting Alice's hammock. Sir Robin landed on top. A small sound issued from Alice, somewhere between arousal and anger. But he could feel his strength returning - Sir Robin was turning him own very much.. Alice pressed his pelvic area against Sir Robin's. He pulled his mouth away from Sir Robin's and whispered "Sire, I want you inside of me."

"No 'sire'...just Robin." The knight grumbled. He reopened Alice's robe. Alice turned over and pushed himself up to his knees. "Ready?"

"Please, Robin...I want this so badly..." The minstrel gasped as Sir Robin put two fingers into Alice's opening. He made a small scissoring motion, the movement increasing with Alice's moans. Alice had taken the sleeve of his robe and was biting it to muffle the sounds he couldn't help but make. He was glad that he had done so, because the moment the knight entered him fully, he would have screamed. Alice had done this before, but never with someone so large. It was painful, but the pain turned to pleasure very quickly as Sir Robin thrust in and out of him. The sandy-haired man bent and took Alice's hardness in his hand, pumping as he thrusted. They came together and collapsed. Sir Robin turned Alice around to face him.

There were tears on his face, with more on the way. But Sir Robin knew they were from happiness and exhaustion, because the same tears were in his eyes. They held each other, laying admist the dirt and semen. Eventually Alice took a deep breath and said "We should go get cleaned up, sire."

Sir Robin nodded and stood, helping Alice up. The kicked some dirt over the area they had been in and pulled on their gowns. Alice led the way through the dark to a small creek. The two washed in comfortable silence. They returned to the campsite hand in hand. On the outskirts of their small clearing, Sir Robin turned to look Alice in the eyes. "This too, Alice. The others must not know."'

"I understand, sire." Alice replied. He kissed Sir Robin once. "But....are....we...I mean..."

"If you want. Because..." Sir Robin's voice cracked. "I certainly want to be with you."

Alice could hear the fear. "It's all I want, m'lord."

They kissed once more before going to their separate hammocks. All was quiet, until Alice's clear voice quietly broke the night air. "Isn't it scary, though, sire? This secret?"

"It's terrifying. But it's exciting, too."

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Save a TARDIS, Ride the Doctorbacon_fiend on March 4th, 2009 02:51 am (UTC)
Mm, that was yummy. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to read the rest :)
Lumpy Space Prince: ByJeevesstarlightkissu on March 4th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I actually wasn't going to post any more of it since it didn't get any attention, but you've made me want to post the next chapter. It'll be up shortly!
Save a TARDIS, Ride the Doctorbacon_fiend on March 5th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC)
Yay! Glad to provide encouragement :D