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24 February 2009 @ 11:14 pm
Newbie here! Saw the show twice in Huntsville, AL  
On Sunday I got the chance to see Spamalot AGAIN at the VBC before they left for Florida.  eldanildiel got free passes from a friend that works for the Broadway Theatre League here in Hsv and she needed someone to go with her.  I'm so glad that she asked me b/c then I got the chance to be there when she experienced all of the wondrous hilarity that I had been trying to recreate using the internet and my own mediocre storytelling abilities.  Our seats were a bit farther back from when I went on Tues but still very good (and freeeee!) so we were pleased.

I cannot say enough good things about the cast that was here.  Their acting, singing and dancing abilities still managed to astound me after all of the shows I have seen and all of the talented people I have performed with.  The only downside, I hate to say, was Richard Chamberlain as King Arthur.  He was the big name on the playbill but he flubbed a (different) line in each show I saw.  While it didn't completely detract from the show as Arthur is supposed to be somewhat dull-witted and pompous - and he did bring that across very well - he was not quite the caliber of the rest of the cast:

Matthew Greer is a most brilliant character actor, taking on the roles of Lancelot, The French Taunter, The Knight of Ni, and Tim the Enchanter.  Most of the others play 3 or 4 parts too, but in a role originated by Hank Azaria, your accents and acting chops better be up to snuff.  He had some of the best lines of the show and his interactions with Herbert were both hysterical and heartwarming.

Chris Sutton was also a stand-out as the Historian, Not-Dead Fred/Robin's Minstrel, and Prince Herbert.  Besides bearing a striking resemblance to Eric Idle while in costume, he showcased amazing comic skills and a voice that soared during the second verse of Herbert's song.  Herb and Lance dancing in circles at the end of HNiL was one of my all-time favorite moments.

James Beaman played what was probably my favorite role coming in: Sir Robin.  While I never saw David Hyde Pierce's Robin, I love me some DHP so I wasn't sure how another actor would go over.  Jamie turned out to be an adorable, endearing Robin.  I was cheering so loud during the "Fiddler" bottle dance, I'm sure all the old people around me were having homicidal urges.  Add on top of all that talent his insane blogging skills (he writes a whole entry on every place they go and often knows more about its history that the residents) and Jamie totally won my heart. 

Jeff Dumas... DAMN!  His Patsy was the single-most mindblowing part of the entire show.  He turned "Bright Side of Life" into a showstopping tap number and kept pace with all of the male Ensemble easily.  Add to that his being a wonderful actor and singer, he is probably the most talented member of the group.

Which brings me to my final highlight of the evening... Ben Davis who played Dennis Galahad, Herbert's Father, and the Black Knight... And who I am seriously retarded for now.  I don't usually go for the "hunky" ones, but from the first ridiculous flip of his golden hair, I was done.  Plus I've always had a thing for baritones.  :)  Ben's Galahad is so hilariously cheesy, I was in stitches watching all his interactions and facial expressions I had missed the first time.  I've been contenting myself with clips of The Magic Flute on Youtube until I can figure out a way to play a PAL DVD on my player.  Everything I've seen of his Papageno is absolutely fantastic.

So, after the show we waiting around to see if we could catch any of the cast members on their way out.  We saw Chris Gurr (Sir Bedevere) and Chris Sutton, but I just smiled and they smiled back as if to say "Yeah, you know who I am."  I was really waiting for Ben and I wasn't going to get distracted and miss him.  I kept checking outside to see if he had gone out the side door, then scouring the lobby, then checking outside again.  After about 20 minutes, eldanildiel  poked her head inside the interior lobby and came back out with eyes like tea saucers.  "I think you need to come in here.  I'm 99.8% sure," she said.  So I walked in and there he was.  Tall, blonde and gorgeous.  I caught him as he neared the doors and said, "Hi Ben.  Would you mind signing my playbill?"  "Sure" he said and as he took it, I added, "You were wonderful."  He smiled and said thanks and when he handed it back to me, I pointed to where eldanildiel  was holding her camera and said, "Would it be ok if...?"  "Of course!" he said, and as we readied ourselved to be photographed, he said "I like your hair.  It's beautiful."  (I wear my hair shaved like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta)  Then he rubbed his hand across the top of my head!   I have no idea how I responded ("thanks," maybe?  the brain went 'splodey) but at that point we had gotten our arms around each other's backs (him firmly gripping my arm, might I add) and we were ready for the picture.  eldanildiel  was still fiddling with the camera and said "Hold on just another second" and I blurted out "Oh no, take your time!"  :X  I'm so bad sometimes, hahaha.  eldanildiel  ended up taking 2 pictures to be sure they came out and after that we said goodbye and I thanked him again.  I managed to save the massive squeeing until we were walking out to the car, at which point we were shrieking "Did you hear him say this?" and "Did you see him do that?"  Total and complete fangirling.

Well after that silly and involved story, you deserve to see the picture that came of it.




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glaswegian_took on February 26th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
It really was. Such a nice man, and so pretty. <3 And thanks for the hair compliment. :DDD

BTW is that Dom and Elijah in your icon???