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The Fandom That Goes Like This: Spamalot Fans
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A place for fans of Monty Python's Spamalot to gather.

Welcome to find_your_grail, a community for fans of Monty Python's Spamalot! Feel free to talk about the show, ask questions, post pictures from your journey to see a production, or post art/fanfiction/icons/et cetera (the original and primary purpose of this community).

All entries are put in the memories, so if you're looking for your favorite fic or a certain icon you saw, that would be the place to look.


1. Be kind. If you don't like a fic, or someone's post rubs you the wrong way, do not flame them or argue in the comments. If you absolutely must argue with someone about something completely un-related to Spamalot, do it somewhere else. Always look on the bright side of life, if you will.

2. Post footwear at your own risk. I suggest friend-locking these posts, if you're going to. Not that I'm encouraging you...

3. When posting pictures/fanfic/art/icons/et cetera, please put "Fic: Insert title here; Lance/Herbert, Galahad/mirror" or "Icons: Sir Robin" (or something akin to these) in the subject, as it will make it easier for those looking through the memories to find certain entries.

4. Please put pictures/fanfic/art/icons/et cetera behind lj-cuts. Our friends lists will thank you for it.

5. Do not use any pictures/fanfic/art/icons/et cetera without crediting the user who made them.

6. Have fun! Yes, this is a rule, and yes, I will be enforcing it.

And remember to pimp us out (a'ight?). Use this code to post the above banner and a link to this community in your profile:

Sam and Lia, your friendly neighborhood maintainers.

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